How to Get Started with the Internet Computer Blockchain
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How to Get Started with the Internet Computer Blockchain

How to Get Started with the Internet Computer Blockchain
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The Internet Computer is amazing blockchain technology with endless possibilities— but a bit overwhelming at first.

So, I decided to make it super easy. Here’s a list of VERY easy ways to start learning about Internet Computer:

1) Read this essay from Dominic Williams. He’s the President of @dfinity, the primary non-profit organization behind the Internet Computer. This is one of my favorite summaries of what Internet Computer is, and its potential:

Why Totally Decentralizing Dapps Wins, and How to Do It
Leveraging the full power and economic might of the decentralized ecosystem through the Internet Computer.

2) Watch this short video. Bob Bodily is not only my friend, but one of the funner, most enthusiastic and smart advocates for the Internet Computer. In just a few minutes he explains what the Internet Computer is, and why it matters:

3) Watch this longer video with Dominic Williams  and Chris Dixon. Chris Dixon is one of the single smartest crypto thinkers on the internet, and an investor in Internet Computer. Together they talk about the possibilities of the Internet Computer:

Rebooting the Internet: Andreessen Horowitz’s Chris Dixon on the Decentralized Web
Chris Dixon and Dominic Williams discuss how the Internet Computer blockchain will create new engines of innovation.

4) Buy ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) on Coinbase or another exchange. The price is much lower right now than it has been for most of the year, so I think it’s a great deal... Not financial advice. (These links to Coinbase are referral links, so we both get $10 if you use them to sign up.)

5) Create a wallet to store your ICP. Several good wallet options, but I’m partial to because we’re building it. Another popular option is

Stoic Wallet - By Toniq Labs
Web site created using create-react-app

6) Read about Internet Computer on This is probably the best guide for newcomers, created by Bob Bodily. Plus, it tells you exactly how you can stake your ICP.

Welcome to the ICP Guide - The ICP Guide
This is the ultimate guide to everything related to the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP). This guide presents complicated topics in simple ways that anyone can understand, especially non-technical folks. The DFINITY foundation has incredible developer documentation, but they don’t have as many resou…

7) Check out the Dfinity Showcase. These are many of the coolest applications that are being built on the Internet Computer. Every application has a team and community behind it — lots of people to connect with. Here’s the showcase:

The Internet Computer Ecosystem Showcase
Explore a showcase of curated projects built by the Internet Computer ecosystem. This continually growing list features the newest projects, all built with blockchain. Try out decentralized social media, dapps and more. Only possible on the IC.

8) Try building a super easy website on the Internet Computer. You’ll need a wallet to get started, but @icme_app  (led by @HoumanShadab ) is a great tool for no-code builders:


9) Hang out in the @Dfinity forums. I’d start with the Roadmap — you can see things that Dfinity is planning to build, with a lot of great conversations about the merits of different approaches:

Roadmap | DFINITY
The DFINITY Foundation’s technical contributions to the Internet Computer roadmap. All proposals will be voted on by the Internet Computer community.

10) Check out NFTs on the Internet Computer. You can buy them on (@EntrepotApp ) after connecting your wallet. Lots of amazing collections like @ICPuppies, @icmoji, @ICPBunny, @pokedstudiouk and many many more to come!

Entrepot - Marketplace for NFTs on the Internet Computer
NFT Marketplace for the Internet Computer, developed by ToniqLabs

11) Scroll through another great list of Internet Computer applications by @DfinityApps. Tons of cool stuff here and links to lots of things you might be interested in:

icApps: Internet Computer Apps Portal

12) Join a Telegram group. Always good discussions debating some of the latest features or news about the Internet Computer. The core @Dfinity community group is here: My favorite Dfinity group is ICP Maximalist Network, which you can find here:

ICP Maximalist Network
The ICP Maximalist Network is a 24/7/365 community-driven initiative focused on providing continuous help and opportunities for its members & the IC ecosystem. Our mission is to make your journey into the Internet Computer increasingly valuable

13) Follow some of the core @Dfinity team members on Twitter to see what’s going on. SO many to choose from but some off of the top of my head: @dominic_w, @whizwang, @BronerMatthias, @annaescher, @ililic, @CashBowie. Tons more, feel free to add to this list!

14) Read this great essay by @BTCryptopunk, an intro to the Internet Computer:

An Introduction to the Internet Computer Protocol | Hacker Noon
What is the Internet Computer Protocol? How does this new Blockchain protocol work? And what sorts of features does the Internet Computer Blockchain have?

Let me know if you have anything you want me to add to the list! Just message me on Twitter: @maxogles.